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Ramblings of a 138 - Volume 1

Also by Matthew Leatherwood

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About the Author

Matthew Leatherwood is the author of multiple books as well as a professional photographer. He is a retired firefighter for the City of Dallas, and dad to two awesome daughters! He lives near Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Books by Matthew Leatherwood

The Perfect Stone

NEW! Updated story. Day care teachers, Pre-School teachers, Elementary school teachers, parents, grandparents and children alike will love this fable of a boy who spends his entire life in search of the perfect stone. Beautifully and simply illustrated, children will embrace this story as parents learn a valuable lesson about life and the search for perfection. A great read any time of day for the entire family!

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Breathe: Ramblings of a 138 - Volume 1 is this author’s attempt to give you, the reader, a glimpse at how he views life and all its wonder, one small entry at a time. Author Matthew Leatherwood says, “It’s the least I could do after telling you how I got here in There’s Never Been Nothing. Some of it is hard. Some of it is controversial. Still more of it is spectacular and beautiful. Regardless, it all gels when I simply remember to breathe. Namaste.”

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Ramblings of a 138
Volume 1


There's Never Been Nothing isn’t a self-help book. It is a raw, authentic examination of author Matthew Leatherwood’s journey to find his spiritual self. What readers will discover is one man’s fifty-year search for truth. Leatherwood tells his story and shares the lessons he has learned through love and loss, work and play, health and illness, and sheer determination and grit.

Other people just like you are seeking their spiritual truth every day—and Leatherwood demonstrates that you are never alone in this endeavor. His unique and gripping story is a deep examination of his life’s journey, as well as his perspective on religion, the meaning of life, and his place in the universe.


The moments spent reading this book can be deeply reflective or simple tests of your own decisions. Leatherwood’s sincere wish is that readers take away the message of hope in mankind and faith in a higher being, whatever they choose that to be.

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2nd Edition
Dogz Gone Wild
The Story of Route 66 and the Wild Dogz

7 Days. 8 Friends. 2500 Miles. This is the story of the Wild Dogz, a hodgepodge of friends that took on the ultimate highway from Chicago to Los Angeles on their motorcycles. This first-hand account of the challenges, drama, and laughs along the Mother Road is a must read for the motorcycle or Route 66 enthusiast.

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